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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

As we are all becoming aware, Affiliate marketing is the newest rage of online business owners the world round. There are enough companies out there to help almost everyone it seems, along with Adsense and Adwords as some other means of gaining income to your site. But sometimes it can still be an issue to get visitors to your site, even when you have found the perfect keywords and have a good promotional strategy going.
The following article I found to be the idea of what I was recently scouring the internet for. I have just signed up and I am anxious to see the benefits this new program will have for my business while I can be helping other business owners as well.

How I amazingly got WordTracker for free, and will get any other product free
Copyright 2005 Michael Lever

Hi, my name is Michael and I'm about to share an astounding
breakthrough with you.

Don't scroll down to see the price. You won't find it. I am
sharing this knowledge with you for free. Why would I do
this? Because as you're about to discover, the strategy I'm
going to show you is dependent on an ever-growing community
of participants who partner with each other to obtain
win-win outcomes. The results are comparable to online
dating services, the more participants there are, the
better the results for everyone. I therefore encourage you
to show this strategy to all your relevant friends and

Before I show you in detail how I got WordTracker
absolutely free, you need to understand the mechanics of
what makes this clever purchasing strategy work.

The strategy is not exclusive to WordTracker. I have simply
chosen WordTracker because it is the resource I talk about
in my testimonial. The strategy can be used to get any
product subsidized or free , and you can purchase from any
of your favorite web sites (any of the ones you are
normally happy to shop at). The amazing benefit is that you
will now be subsidized a cash amount for your purchases.
This subsidy may be so large that it may even surpass the
cost of your purchase, making the product or service
absolutely free. The fact that you can purchase from
anywhere online is partially what makes the strategy

There are 3 things you need to understand about the

Firstly, the online store merchants you are intending to
purchase from do not miss out on their profits. You are not
breaching any of their agreements, terms or conditions. In
fact, from their perspective you're a 100% normal customer
with all the normal privileges. You will even receive a
receipt that you may be able to contribute towards a tax

Secondly, there are no losers with this strategy. It is one
hundred percent legal and does not involve pyramid schemes,
purchasing matrix, or anything of that nature. No scams
here. Everybody wins.

Thirdly, you are still receiving the product you want
direct from the merchant of your choice. So you can expect
the same product quality, customer service, and shipping
that you are accustomed to. You're simply getting what you
had already decided to purchase at a massive discount.

"So what makes it work?"

The key ingredient is a process known as 'Customer
Reciprocation'. Customer Reciprocation is facilitated by a
'Customer Acquisition Exchange'. It relies fundamentally on
merchants using affiliate programs for customer acquisition.

"Are you confused? Don't worry, I was too."

In a nutshell, merchants with online stores pay people like
you and me sales commission to find them customers. You can
generally join the online merchant's affiliate program for
free, and immediately commence earning commission as an
affiliate marketer. You earn by directing potential
customers through a unique web link issued to you. This is
your 'referral URL'. The link identifies you to the
merchant so they know that you are the referrer of the
customer and must be paid commission.

So basically whenever you are intending to purchase
something, there's an affiliate marketer out there trying
to catch your attention and direct you transparently to
your chosen merchant through their referral URL. When you
purchase something, the affiliate marketer can earn upwards
of 50% in commission.

Customer reciprocation is defined as the process of two
parties (affiliate marketers) partnering to become each
other's customer. "I'll be your customer, if you'll be
mine". When you want to purchase WordTracker like I did,
why not purchase it through an affiliate marketer who is
willing to purchase at one of your affiliated merchants?

"Do you see the obvious benefit?"

You will earn an instant commission when your partner
purchases from your affiliated merchant. The commission may
be more than the cost of WordTracker or it may be less. But
it is beyond doubt an instant subsidy. Your merchants will
love you for bringing them a customer, and you'll have a
legally acquired copy of WordTracker and extra money to use
on anything you like.

"So where do you find affiliate marketers ready to shop at
your merchant's online store?"

Affiliate marketers are already seasoned Internet shoppers
who've overcome the trust hurdle and embraced online
purchasing. There are so many around that you need only do
a search for anything in Google or MSN to find them
fighting over the highest positions in the search results.

The trick is finding someone affiliated with the merchant
you intended to shop with, who is intending to purchase
from your merchant. (Customer Reciprocation).

This is where a Customer Acquisition Exchange comes into
play. (See the references at the bottom of this article or
search for "Customer Acquisition Exchange" in your favorite
search engine.).

A Customer Acquisition Exchange allows you to manage your
portfolio of referral URLs. I am a member of six different
affiliate programs even though I only actively market one
of them. Whenever you want to purchase something you simply
submit your purchase intention (in the form of the
merchants website address) to the Customer Acquisition

In my case I wanted to purchase from
http://www.WordTracker.com. The system immediately
commenced searching for affiliate marketers of WordTracker
who had a purchase intention for one of my merchants. This
submission process literally took me less than one minute.
I received an email containing my exchange partner's
referral URL and proceeded to click on it and was taken to
http://www.WordTracker.com, where I purchased my copy.

When I returned to the customer acquisition exchange I
noticed that my portfolio showed a sale at one of my
affiliated merchants. "Fantastic", I thought. My commission
report from my affiliated merchant revealed that my
exchange partner had indeed purchased something. In fact,
the commission I earned from the sale totaled $24 more than
what WordTracker cost me. Meaning I got WordTracker for
free and received $24 for my one-minute effort.

So now that you too know this simple no-risk strategy, I
hope that you will use it to your advantage and derive
previously unheard of discounts. I trust that you can see
the benefit of recommending Customer Reciprocation to your
peers, because as the community grows there will be more
participants partnering rather than viciously competing for
new customers.


Michael Lever

Michael Lever is a co-founder and CEO of
SpinningTornado.com, an independent company offering
unbiased tools and services to help affiliate and network
marketers build profitable online businesses.
Partnering affiliates the world over.

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